Caterina Rancho

I am a originator of visual scenarios. In my pictures I create compelling settings for adventurous, extraordinary stories. When I make a portrait of a person I strive to not just depict his or her personality, but to release it from here and now and catapult it into a fantasy world.

Certain elements of a person's appearance or expression are often focused and shown in a fairly exaggerated way. Despite, or maybe even because of this, my portraits reveal a lot about the character as a whole and offer subtle and interesting insights. To this end, photo montage and image editing play a supportive and important role. I often create or change objects and backgrounds to build somewhat surreal sceneries, drawing the model into its fiction and aesthetics. You won't see people acting the way they do on a daily basis.

I do not want to recreate reality. 

Reality is something I can see on the subway, after coffee or while waiting for a free parking place. Perhaps one could even say my visual and narrative work is a sort of escape from these things.

I wouldn't want to bother the viewer with the „reality“ of our objective world, since he or she is already confronted with it sufficiently. My photographs often leave a vast space for interpretation and I not only enjoy the active part of creating stories and sets but also the thoughts a recipient feels inspired to share.